Lately, i've been in love with this korean drama the story is similar to The Devil Wears Prada.. It's about a fashion magazine called Style
Kim Hye Soo as Gi Ja Park [she's Style shief editor. her character is similar to Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada]
Lee Ji Ah as Lee Seo Jung [the assistant]
Ryu Shi Won as Seo Woo Jin [chef. he's actually Park's ex-boyfriend]
Lee Yong Woo as Kim Min Joon [He loves Gi Ja Park and seems like he's Park Gi Ja's puppet]
in this drama, you can see many cool outfits, bags and shoes

Gi Ja Park[many people hates her character, but i liked her.. she's cool and reflected the power of women]

Lee Seo Jung[she's cute and sweet. but sometimes she really act silly]

Seo Woo Jin[i think he's cute. especially when he's smile.. but i liked Kim Min Joon better. lol]

Kim Min Joon
[he's handsome. agree with me? even though he's a lil bit metrosexual, but i like him :) ]

Style's memberscute couple, right? >o<

perfect ending :)