Long Holiday

Hi hi!
Today I'm gonna post some pictures from my last holiday. I know its really late. I've been too lazy to post nowadays. *suchabadblogger lol
I went to Carita Beach with my BF and his fam. We spent 5 days there, and now my skin get tanned. Hoho.
(click for better image)

sorry for my bare face. i didn't put any makeup during the trip :D

my BF and me

she's really cute isn't it? xD

I bought a really cute summer dress for only IDR 25,000! A short IDR 15,000 and a shawl for only IDR 20,000 xD

Really have so much fun there! How about your holiday guys?


Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream - Sheer Flawless : REVIEW

Finally I got this BB Cream \^o^/
I've been craving for Etude House BB Cream for so long, and finally I get this.
This is the Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream Shade #3 Sheer Flawless. It's really good to make your skin look white and to conceal red or dark spots on your face.
SPF 30 PA++ , Anti Wrinkle and Whitening.
Let's swatch..

Notice the difference? This BB Cream really makes my face flawless. Now I rarely use concealer because of this BB Cream xD

Great coverage
High SPF
Very light, I feel like I don't wear any make up

Hate the pump
It can be too white for you who have dark skins

p.s: you can buy this BB Cream in my online shop Verenesse Shop , mention pinkytinynerdy and get this BB Cream for only IDR 160.000! xD

Photo Result xD

Yay last Sunday my photographer (He's the husband of my niece actually) has sent me the result of last photoshoot! xD xD

Here are my favourite photos, enjoy!

p.s: I've just reformat my computer, so I just can upload these 4 picts :(

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Hi Hi.. I've been busy last weekend. I'm working part-time as a Sales Promotion Girl. And last Friday I got a job in ITC BSD. It's the mooossstttt embarassing job I've ever get. My job is flyering, and to parade all over the mall. While the SPB were like doing some mini marching band. And we all have to sing loudly. And the worst part was... We have to wear a wig. But thanks God we only wear it once. Haha.
And on the Saturday and Sunday I work for You C-1000 in some Ramadhan Fair in Tangerang. I have some problems with my eyes so I decided to use glasses instead of lens

Gotta keep working to earn money for beauty haul! xD xD


Which Lens?

X2 Black from Exoticon

Geo Angel Series
Hey guys, I really need your opinion. Which lens I should buy?
I never use Geo Lens, but I really want to try it. But is it comfortable and last for 12 months?
Does the water contents affect the comfort?
I have sensitive eyes, and I used Lens for up to 8 hours everyday.
Which lens I should buy? The ordinary lens from Exoticon, or should I try Geo lens? I really like the Geo Angel Gray and Blue.
Please help me choose :(

Etude Aloe Mask Review

Etude Aloe Sheet Mask - $1

I choose the Aloe because it said that It can reduce pimples. I have sooo many pimples these days. So I think that it's worth to try.

Compare with Beauty Diary Mask that I've been used before, this mask has less.. what should I call it? like the essence, it has less liquid essence compare with Beauty Diary Mask.
I hope u understand my word. lol

Okay, let's get started.
And PLEASE.. PLEASE don't mind my ugly face and my droppy eyes. haha. #gosh, i really have some guts to put this pict on blog :p

Alright. Let's get on the review.
The mask was a little bit too big for me. I have really small face. So I never found any sheet mask that fit to my face. haha.

Leave it for 20-30 minutes.
Honestly I feel a lil bit itchy when I used this. Is it because the mask works or is it because allergic? I don't really know.
But I don't feel much differences after I used this mask. My pimples didn't get smaller.
Maybe I should use this often.

But compare with Beauty Diary Mask, I give this mask 2 out of 5. While I give Beauty Diary Mask 4 out of 5.

Repurchase? No. I prefer purchase Beauty Diary Mask again next time.

Have a great day everybody xD


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August Haul~

Lots of haul these 2 weeks. Now I'm broke #sigh

Black Legging (IDR 25.000 / less than 3$) and Brown Pashmina (IDR 30.000 / almost 3$)
Bought on ITC BSD

Creme Sandal (Only IDR 40.000 from IDR 100.000!)

Black Mary-Jane (IDR 55.000 from IDR 110.000!)
Really love this ♥
I've been searching for a classic mary-jane like this for so long. It'll be so cute to be paired with lace socks ♥♥

Black Jumpsuit with Outer (IDR 95.000 / less than $10)
Bought this jumpsuit on my sister's online shop. Unfortunately the size wasn't fit for me. It's definitely too big. hiks );
3 pairs of Elisa fake lashes for only IDR 10.000 for 3 pieces.
I bought 2 upper lashes and 1 lower lashes.
The other lashes was my previous collection.
VVIP Girl Nail Polish and Aloe Mask from Etude House (it was on sale @IDR 10.000)
I bought this while I was walking around at Mall Taman Anggrek with my friend. The promo was you can buy 3 items (Nail Polish or Mask, can be mixed) for only IDR 30.000!
So I bought a nail polish and a mask, while my friend bought a nail polish.
Gonna review it soon! :D

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Have Fun at Photoshoot

Yesterday I'm having another photoshoot. And this time the photoshoot was held at a studio. It was my first time hunting at studio :D
And this time, my friend Susan was accompanying me being the model. It was her first time being a model.

Here are the sneak peek of the photoshooting:

I really love the make up. Thanks to Ci Novi. Her makeup kit really make me envy T__T

Me with Susan

The theme was cow-girl, box, and the last was angel and devil.
Can't wait to see the result. Gonna post it soon :D

Liese Hair Bubble Review - Ash Brown

The truth is, I am selling this products. But I'm using it by accident. Because I accidentally sent a wrong package to my customer. Actually I don't want to use ash brown. Because from the advertisement, Ash Brown seems not light enough. I want Sweet Pink or Marshmallow Brown.
But I think better if I used this so it's not gonna be a waste

Inside the box:
Instruction, Glove, Pump, Conditioner, Developer. too bad there isn't any cape :(

Bubbles :D

Having so much fun

And..... Tada!



Not much differences. But, I think it's lighter than what I'm expected. Because I have really thick hair, and my previous hair color was really dark brown, almost black. But, after a few days I feel that my hair are getting lighter. Here's my hair color now, under sunlight:

Satisfied? YES.Liese did make my hair smooth even after coloring. But I should try a lighter color. Maybe Marshmallow, Sweet Pink or Sweet Apricot. But I'm curious about Etude bubble hair coloring too.

So, next try: ETUDE Bubble Hair Coloring, lol :D


Verenesse Shop

Visit my online shop:
Etude cosmetics, Liese bubble hair color, and many more! xD

Giveaway! ^^

Join Sparkle Apple Giveaway
I'm joining too
Wish me luck (;


Mini Hauls

i went to some bazaar in Tarumanegara University, which is near to my campus. the reason why i went there is because my friend tell me that Etude House has some promotion, 70% discount!
so, i can't stand to buy some, lol
but i just buy 2 items, a nail polish (only IDR 20,000 or $2) and a lipstick for my mom (IDR 39,000 or less than $4), a few days ago i just bought a lipstick from Nyx so i decided not to buy more T__T
actually, it's an older version Etude products, that's why it's sold in really cheap price. but it doesn't matter to me as long as it's still good :D
gonna review the nail polish soon! xD