Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream - Sheer Flawless : REVIEW

Finally I got this BB Cream \^o^/
I've been craving for Etude House BB Cream for so long, and finally I get this.
This is the Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream Shade #3 Sheer Flawless. It's really good to make your skin look white and to conceal red or dark spots on your face.
SPF 30 PA++ , Anti Wrinkle and Whitening.
Let's swatch..

Notice the difference? This BB Cream really makes my face flawless. Now I rarely use concealer because of this BB Cream xD

Great coverage
High SPF
Very light, I feel like I don't wear any make up

Hate the pump
It can be too white for you who have dark skins

p.s: you can buy this BB Cream in my online shop Verenesse Shop , mention pinkytinynerdy and get this BB Cream for only IDR 160.000! xD

6 komentar:

cominica mengatakan...

nice review~~ aku gak pernah sekalipun cobain bb cream nya etude, lol >.<

dunia kecil indi mengatakan...

magic! i think i need that magical bb cream :p mind to visit my blog? :)

laman baca mengatakan...

awesome blog, cute picture, i like that...

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

@cominica: ak jg baru coba skali ini. jarang2 beli etude xD

@dunia kecil indi: you should try it xD I've visited your blog. nice blog! :D

@laman baca: thank you :)

SJ mengatakan...

This BB cream look brilliant! I want to buy a bb cream. I will either buy this one or the Missha BB cream (: Thanks for the review!

Follow me back @ http://sjaneng.blogspot.com (:

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

@SJ: yeah, this BB Cream is really good! You should try xD
thanks for following me. i've followed you :)