I Love My Job

i've mention in one of my previous post, that sometimes i worked as sales promotion girl, or usher, and sometimes i became a model too for photo hunting and online shops. i really love this job, some people maybe have negative perception about this job. but i found that this job is fun! i can work and earn money but have fun. i can meet a lot of new people, get new experiences, i have worked and met with Korean people, Hongkong, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and the most fun part is, i can do full make up while working. hehe.
and thank God since this February i got a lot of job. i can earn a lot of money while just work about 10 days in a month. hoho.
Kamico Korea

Photoshoot for T-Shirt Catalog

Usher for Capgomeh Festival

Usher for BP Migas

Crew in Hongkong Lifestyle Expo

Usher Gathering Pertamina

with my BF and his Indian client >.<

SPG Anniversary Shiseido (i can try Shiseido products for free. hoho)

Launching MIO Fino

It's the most exhausting work because i have to work outdoor =='
i haven't get any job for May, hope there'll will be more job coming :D

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack - REVIEW

Hello again!
Finally I manage to have a LOT of free time. i've just finished my mid term exams, and still haven't got any job yet. so let's back to blogging :D:D
today i'm gonna review about Baviphat Apple Sleeping Pack. i've read some other reviews saying that this product was great especially for acne treatment. i have so many pimples recently so i bought this mask about 3 or 4 months ago. yet it's a sleeping pack, so i think it will be good to treat  my skin during my sleep.
Cute Apple >.<

has this little spoon inside
one tube contains 100 ml, its so many with price only about IDR 110.000. and its smells like apple and i like it. it somehow calming and make me sleep better.
this product claimed to:
1. moisture skin and give nutrition
2. avoid and treat acnes
3. to soften and brightened skin

what i feel:
it's sticky just like moisturizer or cream, yet it is a mask so it will still feel sticky. at first it bothered me because i used to moved so much when i sleep, but after sometimes i'm used to it.
on the morning i just wash my face with cold water and my skin feels really soft. and i think this mask worked for my pimples, after 2 or 3 times usage my pimples became smaller, but i don't feel the brightening effect.

moisture my dry skin
cheap! it's contain a lot while i have small face, so i think this 1 tube will last for years
treat my pimples well

it's sticky so sometimes it bothered me because i can't move my body when i'm sleeping, my face have to stay looking upwards :p