I Love My Job

i've mention in one of my previous post, that sometimes i worked as sales promotion girl, or usher, and sometimes i became a model too for photo hunting and online shops. i really love this job, some people maybe have negative perception about this job. but i found that this job is fun! i can work and earn money but have fun. i can meet a lot of new people, get new experiences, i have worked and met with Korean people, Hongkong, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and the most fun part is, i can do full make up while working. hehe.
and thank God since this February i got a lot of job. i can earn a lot of money while just work about 10 days in a month. hoho.
Kamico Korea

Photoshoot for T-Shirt Catalog

Usher for Capgomeh Festival

Usher for BP Migas

Crew in Hongkong Lifestyle Expo

Usher Gathering Pertamina

with my BF and his Indian client >.<

SPG Anniversary Shiseido (i can try Shiseido products for free. hoho)

Launching MIO Fino

It's the most exhausting work because i have to work outdoor =='
i haven't get any job for May, hope there'll will be more job coming :D

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack - REVIEW

Hello again!
Finally I manage to have a LOT of free time. i've just finished my mid term exams, and still haven't got any job yet. so let's back to blogging :D:D
today i'm gonna review about Baviphat Apple Sleeping Pack. i've read some other reviews saying that this product was great especially for acne treatment. i have so many pimples recently so i bought this mask about 3 or 4 months ago. yet it's a sleeping pack, so i think it will be good to treat  my skin during my sleep.
Cute Apple >.<

has this little spoon inside
one tube contains 100 ml, its so many with price only about IDR 110.000. and its smells like apple and i like it. it somehow calming and make me sleep better.
this product claimed to:
1. moisture skin and give nutrition
2. avoid and treat acnes
3. to soften and brightened skin

what i feel:
it's sticky just like moisturizer or cream, yet it is a mask so it will still feel sticky. at first it bothered me because i used to moved so much when i sleep, but after sometimes i'm used to it.
on the morning i just wash my face with cold water and my skin feels really soft. and i think this mask worked for my pimples, after 2 or 3 times usage my pimples became smaller, but i don't feel the brightening effect.

moisture my dry skin
cheap! it's contain a lot while i have small face, so i think this 1 tube will last for years
treat my pimples well

it's sticky so sometimes it bothered me because i can't move my body when i'm sleeping, my face have to stay looking upwards :p


Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer - REVIEW

Hey guys! finally after a long long time not posting again (even after i said that i'm gonna post more) but actually my activities are getting busier so that i don't have time to blog T__T
So, now i'll just make a quick review about ETUDE Proof 10 Eye Primer which just arrived yesterday :D

looks like concealer 
  i'm using my Etude petit darling eye shadow in grey or black, i don't know the name :p
  left: without primer, right: with primer
 rub with eye remover, the left one gone, but the right one are still there. i need to rub it hard to clean it up

Make the eye shadow last longer and more pigmented

Little bit hard to remove

Conclusion: I like this products. I've read many review before saying that this primer is good. and yes it is!


Etude Bubble Hair Color - REVIEW

last august i dyed my hair with Liese Bubble Hair Color. now my black roots already showed up. and as i tell you before, i want to try Etude Bubble Hair Color. at first i want to try the Wine Red, but finally i decided to buy the Dark Brown instead because i want to darken my hair again.
i forgot to take the picture of the box, so i googled it instead :p
inside the package

Silky Perfumed Treatment to be used after shampooing, it smells really good, and its really make my hair smooth.
How to use:
Mix number 1 into 2. Shake lightly, until you feel the bottle warmed up. and you're ready to bubble xD

i only leave it for 20 minutes or something, because i feel ITCH, and the bubbles keep dropping down. the bubbles gone fast, and my hair also dropping down, and it makes my room dirty >.<
its really different compare to liese, my hair will stay up for 30 minutes and more.
after washing my hair, my hair became REALLY DRY, just like synthetic hair. but the silky perfumed treatment really save my hair. my hair become smooth after using it. but still, i feel my hair become quite dry, so i need to do extra treatment for my hair.
and here are the result:
to be honest this bubble hair disappointed me. my black hair become dark brown, but my brown hair didn't become darker, so it still look different.

Cute bottle
The silky perfumed treatment really did a great job

Dry out my hair
Didn't darken out my hair

Repurchase? Absolutely no. next time i will use liese again , or maybe try the new Palty Bubble Hair Color :D