Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer - REVIEW

Hey guys! finally after a long long time not posting again (even after i said that i'm gonna post more) but actually my activities are getting busier so that i don't have time to blog T__T
So, now i'll just make a quick review about ETUDE Proof 10 Eye Primer which just arrived yesterday :D

looks like concealer 
  i'm using my Etude petit darling eye shadow in grey or black, i don't know the name :p
  left: without primer, right: with primer
 rub with eye remover, the left one gone, but the right one are still there. i need to rub it hard to clean it up

Make the eye shadow last longer and more pigmented

Little bit hard to remove

Conclusion: I like this products. I've read many review before saying that this primer is good. and yes it is!

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