About Me

I'm an Indonesian girl, born on April 1992. Trisakti School of Management student, majoring Accounting.
I love fashion, makeup, dance, music, any kind of art, but weak at sport.
Sometimes work part time as a Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) or as a teacher.
Have a petite body, I'm small and skinny and have a small and round face. Yes, if you meet me, you probably think that I'm an High School student, lol
I'm a newbie in wearing makeup, still need a lot of practice. I wrote this blog not for commercial (for my shop), only for have fun and adding some friends :D
And honestly, I'm not a person who can write and talk too much (my writing score at school always bad T__T) and I'm not an expert in English, since English is not my mother language, so I hope you can understand what I mean xD and sorry for any misspelled or wrong grammar.

Last but not least, enjoy my blog and be a follower if you don't mind xD


contact me: verenapricillia@hotmail(dot)co(dot)id