Liese Hair Bubble Review - Ash Brown

The truth is, I am selling this products. But I'm using it by accident. Because I accidentally sent a wrong package to my customer. Actually I don't want to use ash brown. Because from the advertisement, Ash Brown seems not light enough. I want Sweet Pink or Marshmallow Brown.
But I think better if I used this so it's not gonna be a waste

Inside the box:
Instruction, Glove, Pump, Conditioner, Developer. too bad there isn't any cape :(

Bubbles :D

Having so much fun

And..... Tada!



Not much differences. But, I think it's lighter than what I'm expected. Because I have really thick hair, and my previous hair color was really dark brown, almost black. But, after a few days I feel that my hair are getting lighter. Here's my hair color now, under sunlight:

Satisfied? YES.Liese did make my hair smooth even after coloring. But I should try a lighter color. Maybe Marshmallow, Sweet Pink or Sweet Apricot. But I'm curious about Etude bubble hair coloring too.

So, next try: ETUDE Bubble Hair Coloring, lol :D

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