Etude Aloe Mask Review

Etude Aloe Sheet Mask - $1

I choose the Aloe because it said that It can reduce pimples. I have sooo many pimples these days. So I think that it's worth to try.

Compare with Beauty Diary Mask that I've been used before, this mask has less.. what should I call it? like the essence, it has less liquid essence compare with Beauty Diary Mask.
I hope u understand my word. lol

Okay, let's get started.
And PLEASE.. PLEASE don't mind my ugly face and my droppy eyes. haha. #gosh, i really have some guts to put this pict on blog :p

Alright. Let's get on the review.
The mask was a little bit too big for me. I have really small face. So I never found any sheet mask that fit to my face. haha.

Leave it for 20-30 minutes.
Honestly I feel a lil bit itchy when I used this. Is it because the mask works or is it because allergic? I don't really know.
But I don't feel much differences after I used this mask. My pimples didn't get smaller.
Maybe I should use this often.

But compare with Beauty Diary Mask, I give this mask 2 out of 5. While I give Beauty Diary Mask 4 out of 5.

Repurchase? No. I prefer purchase Beauty Diary Mask again next time.

Have a great day everybody xD

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