Hi Hi.. I've been busy last weekend. I'm working part-time as a Sales Promotion Girl. And last Friday I got a job in ITC BSD. It's the mooossstttt embarassing job I've ever get. My job is flyering, and to parade all over the mall. While the SPB were like doing some mini marching band. And we all have to sing loudly. And the worst part was... We have to wear a wig. But thanks God we only wear it once. Haha.
And on the Saturday and Sunday I work for You C-1000 in some Ramadhan Fair in Tangerang. I have some problems with my eyes so I decided to use glasses instead of lens

Gotta keep working to earn money for beauty haul! xD xD

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cominica mengatakan...

wow, are you living in Tangerang?? :D
so clooseee~

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

yup, I'm living in Gading Serpong :D
where'd you live?