Have Fun at Photoshoot

Yesterday I'm having another photoshoot. And this time the photoshoot was held at a studio. It was my first time hunting at studio :D
And this time, my friend Susan was accompanying me being the model. It was her first time being a model.

Here are the sneak peek of the photoshooting:

I really love the make up. Thanks to Ci Novi. Her makeup kit really make me envy T__T

Me with Susan

The theme was cow-girl, box, and the last was angel and devil.
Can't wait to see the result. Gonna post it soon :D

5 komentar:

cominica mengatakan...

you really look like Selina SHE. I thought it was her when looking at your pictures >.<
so pretty!!!!!


Lina Kim ♥ mengatakan...

first I'd like to say thank you for joining my first giveaway, now I have another, pls check it on my blog to win luview BB creams ok~ hehe... u look so pretty on FOTD too <3

vicky mengatakan...

aigoo~ i really adore your eyes .. so pretty, do you use a circle lens ? .. what brand and series that you use ? ...

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

@cominica & @Lina : thank you. I'm blushing xD

@vicky : I'm just using an ordinary lenses from Exoticon. The brand is Ice with 3 tone Gray color.
I never use any circle lenses like geo or barbie eyes, hehe.
Anw, thanks for visiting xD

My Lovely SIster mengatakan...

Aww.... you are so pretty^^