Which Lens?

X2 Black from Exoticon

Geo Angel Series
Hey guys, I really need your opinion. Which lens I should buy?
I never use Geo Lens, but I really want to try it. But is it comfortable and last for 12 months?
Does the water contents affect the comfort?
I have sensitive eyes, and I used Lens for up to 8 hours everyday.
Which lens I should buy? The ordinary lens from Exoticon, or should I try Geo lens? I really like the Geo Angel Gray and Blue.
Please help me choose :(

5 komentar:

stella lee mengatakan...

you can try grey if youre newbie in wearing lens, because it looks more natural than blue =D so you wont be surprised

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

honestly, i've been wearing lens for almost 5 years. but, I think I will buy the geo angel gray because blue are just too bright. and i'm afraid it'll look weird xD

vicky mengatakan...

i prefer geo lens than x2, x2 makes my eyes red and uncomfort at all ... geo angel grey is very pretty, it subtle very well and doesn't look fake at all :DD

stella lee mengatakan...

@vicky : i neither like x2. eyes got irritated after wearing it :( ive also tried a+ but it wont go in, i guess i have pretty sensitive eyes?

@verena : why dont you try candy magic or eos then? ive tried them and honestly they're much much more comfortable than geo. i feel like wearing nothing :D i get my candy magic from gallover.com, and she sells authentic lenses directly imported from japan

ive recently tried geo princess mimi but it hurts and dry after 4 hours, while candy magic can last about 9 hours on my eyes without uncomfortable feeling

good luck finding your lenses <3

verena.pricillia mengatakan...

@vicky : rly? i've used x2 sometimes. but no problem at all. eventhough sometimes my eyes became red too.
@stellalee: i finally bought the geo angel gray. yes it is comfortable, but if i wear it too long, my eyes become really really red T__T
candy magic? i never heard of that. maybe worth to try next time

thanks for your opinion xD