August Haul~

Lots of haul these 2 weeks. Now I'm broke #sigh

Black Legging (IDR 25.000 / less than 3$) and Brown Pashmina (IDR 30.000 / almost 3$)
Bought on ITC BSD

Creme Sandal (Only IDR 40.000 from IDR 100.000!)

Black Mary-Jane (IDR 55.000 from IDR 110.000!)
Really love this ♥
I've been searching for a classic mary-jane like this for so long. It'll be so cute to be paired with lace socks ♥♥

Black Jumpsuit with Outer (IDR 95.000 / less than $10)
Bought this jumpsuit on my sister's online shop. Unfortunately the size wasn't fit for me. It's definitely too big. hiks );
3 pairs of Elisa fake lashes for only IDR 10.000 for 3 pieces.
I bought 2 upper lashes and 1 lower lashes.
The other lashes was my previous collection.
VVIP Girl Nail Polish and Aloe Mask from Etude House (it was on sale @IDR 10.000)
I bought this while I was walking around at Mall Taman Anggrek with my friend. The promo was you can buy 3 items (Nail Polish or Mask, can be mixed) for only IDR 30.000!
So I bought a nail polish and a mask, while my friend bought a nail polish.
Gonna review it soon! :D

2 komentar:

Noniek mengatakan...

Nice haul! That Elisa eyelashes looks pretty!


verena.pricillia mengatakan...

yes it is a nice haul, but not nice for my pocket :p

anw thanks for visiting you have a nice blog too xD